Starry Starry Night is organized each year by  team of volunteers operating under the auspices of the Orange Revitalization Partnership.  This year our fantastic team of organizers is:

Starry Starry Night Committee Members: Crystal Parent, Ken Reynolds, Nate Johnson, Valerie Eaton, Jeanette McIntosh, Betty Miller, John Baldasaro, Hugh Field, Natasha Hannah, Karen Perkins, Amber Robidoux, Angela Paul, Pat Conrad, and Mary King

  • Chairperson: Crystal Parent
  • Parade Coordinator: Ken Reynolds
  • Treasurer:  Valerie Eaton
  • Graphics Coordinator/Designer: Amber Robidoux
  • Grant Applications:  Nate Johnson
  • Volunteer Coordinators:  Mary King + TBD
  • Orange Lions Liaisons: Betty Miller & John Baldasaro
  • Athol Lions Liaison: Jeannette McIntosh
  • Open Mic Coordinator: Ray Hachey
  • Senior Advisors:  Nate Stein, Rose Marie Thoms, Manuel and Mary King, and Polly Bixby