Family-friendly performers

We had a roster of amazing musicians and performers for our previous virtual events and we’re anticipating coming out to see our performers live this year. We’ll post details as soon as we know them.

Ed the Wizard

Enjoy the show with this award-winning master of Close-up and Parlor Magic. Be prepared to be amazed, laugh, and have fun with Ed’s unique mix of mystery, comedy, and magic. Maybe you’ll learn a few tricks along the way. Ed’s awards include the 2013 Unknown Magicians and Clowns Convention Award, First Place in Close up and Parlor Magic and the People Choice “Top Banana” Award.

The Can Collectors

Starry Starry Night 2020 - The Can Collectors

The Can Collectors are a quirky trio comprised of Carolyn Salls, Julie Johnson, and Christopher Robichaud. They are all local folks who have been part of the music scene for decades via vocals and a myriad of instruments. The Can Collectors’ instruments involve a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, foot tambourine, and a steel drum and who knows what else is lying around…and a love for harmonies. There is music for everybody because they love it all…BUT this band does most requests on the spot!!

JB Murray

Starry Starry Night 2020 - JB Murray

Singer/songwriter… writer/author… and sometimes poet… JB Murray hails from central MA. With musical inspirations ranging from Springsteen to Elvis, his music resides within the boundaries of acoustic rock/pop. All he’s lived, dreamed, experienced and imagined find their way into songs crafted with meaning; words intended to provoke emotion and thought.

Jerry Caruso

Starry Starry Night 2020 - Jerry Caruso

Jerry Caruso is a stand-up comedian and entertainer who has used the gift that God gave him of making people laugh since 1993. A year later he co-founded “comics for a cure” raising money for many local worthy causes-his true passion. From there he has used his comedic skills teaching stand-up comedy at the community college level, hosting his own cable TV show at AOTV, has become an actor portraying a wise-cracking Boston cop for Murder Mystery USA, began motivational speaking on “laughter is the best medicine” to support groups and making frequent appearances on WVAO, WPKZ and WLPZ radio stations.

The Inside/Out Dance Company

The Inside/Out Dance Company performs with emotional depth, physical power, and crowd-pleasing fun. Based at The Dance Studio in Orange, the company’s members are dance ambassadors, performing concert length choreography of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop.

To be considered as a performer for the 2021 Starry Starry Night event, please send an email with a description of yourself or your group or act along with a website and/or videos to